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Media Tip of the Day

Always give the media information that is newsworthy:  Your information should be new, newsworthy and relevant to a large share of the public.  Reporters are not interested in yesterday's news--unless it offers a fresh, new angle.


How to Become a Good BlogTalk Radio Host

Since BlogTalk Radio came on the scene, more and more people have discovered they have something to say. The internet site calls itself the leading social broadcast network. They give you a microphone and even provide an audience if you can’t get one on your own.

BlogTalk Radio has given permission to literally thousands of “radio host wannabes” to create their own live talk show. As someone who has done her share of radio and television talk shows over the past 30 years, I can tell you the majority of people on BlogTalk would never get a job on a traditional radio or television station. The reason being is they lack the essential skills necessary in order to hold the attention of an audience on a regular basis.

What skills does it take to be a good interviewer? Can anyone do it? Is there a certain formula to doing it right? The people who interview others well all have similar characteristics. They may not have they same style but they know how to command an audience with or without a guest.

Here are some tips on how to become a good Radio Host:

1) “Personality is to a radio host what perfume is to a flower.” In a nutshell that means you should have some flair about you. No one wants to sit and listen to a monotone host who sounds like he or she would rather be somewhere else other than hosting their own show. Listen to some of your favorite hosts. What is it about them that you enjoy? I guarantee you one of the things you will say is they have personality. You don’t have to over the top like Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh but make what you have to say enjoyable and pleasing to the ear.

2) Know Your Subject: The problem with some hosts is they rely heavily on their guests to supply them with information on the topic being discussed. That can be dangerous because how do you know for sure that what they’re telling you is accurate? Do your own homework and be prepared to ask questions on top of the ones that were probably spoon-fed to you by the guest.

Being a good radio host takes time and practice. To learn more, be sure to sign up for my upcoming FREE teleseminar:  Teach Me How to Become a Good BlogTalk Radio Host.  Sign up on the left upper corner of this page.


Marketing Yourself to the Media

The first thing you have to determine is how you want to market yourself.  TV News always likes a "hook."  If you've got one, you should present it WITHOUT HESITATION.  For example, let's say there was a bomb scare on a plane you were on or if you were in the airport at the time of the scare/evacuation, don't hesitate to contact the nearest TV/radio/newspaper station (all of them, in fact) and let them know your connection to the NEWS OF THE DAY.  Chances are, they will want to interview you and that's your in road to throw in why you were in the airport/on the plane in the first place (something hopefully tied to your business, which you can casually throw in).  It not only gives you some FACE TIME but exposure for what you do and best of all---it's FREE.  You can't pay for that kind of advertising.  Then you can turn around and put out a press release saying you were interviewed on such and such a station about your business venture.

If you have an upcoming event you'd like coverage on, that can be harder.  Once again, TV likes a "hook"  If you're doing a seminar on marketing your business (for example), you should try to find a way to make it involve public service somehow.  TV stations frown upon promoting business ventures for FREE but if it fulfills a community service or need, they will bite because they have an obligation to the FCC to provide so much airtime to that kind of coverage.  So let's say you're doing a seminar on marketing your business.  Bring in a representative from the local homeless shelter or boy scouts or women's domestic violence hotline to demonstrate how they can get greater exposure and benefit monetarily.  Then tailor your release so that the emphasis is on the Public Service vs. your "self" venture.  Once again, you get a little FACE TIME and back door publicity for your business.  Ask the station for a news clip of what they did and once you get it, you've got a video testimonial of news coverage for your event. 

As always, be sure to thank the station (get a specific name).  Journalists aren't supposed to accept gifts---but if you send some sort of token to a specific name, they will accept it (on the down low) and be more inclined to interview you again the next time you have a particular project.

Attention-grabbing press releases should go out at least three weeks in advance of your event, with follow-up phone calls.  You can never make too many follow-up calls.  We don't like it on our end---but persistence and personality could make the difference on a SLOW NEWS DAY.   


The truth of the matter is, for every qualified expert, there are at least a dozen wannabes. As someone who spent more than 25 years in the radio and television news business, I had to decide daily who would make a good interview candidate. It’s a screening process and if you don’t know the basics of what it takes to get the kind of media exposure you’re seeking, you’ll be spinning your wheels and end up going nowhere.

If you feel it’s your time to shine, I’d like to help you turn on the spotlight!


Need Help Getting Media Interviews?

Writing a book OR starting a business is the easy part.  The REAL WORK comes in getting your name out there.  Bottom line:  YOU NEED EXPOSURE.  There are plenty of really good books that don't do very well sales wise because the author doesn't know how to effectively market and promote.  There are also some really great business ideas but if nobody knows about you, what good is your business?

As someone who spent more than 25 years in radio and television, I have the inside track on what it takes to get noticed.     

We help clients prepare for and land successful media interviews.  If you believe it's "Your Time to Shine" then let us turn on the spotlight.

Learn the "Secrets" of Getting Your Message to the Masses

There are several proven steps to ensure you will get your message out there.  Learn what they are and how to reach your target audience. 
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Here's what some have to say about the "Your Time to Shine" Media Class:

Debra Shiveley Welch I came across Beverly Mahone's tele-seminar "Your Time to Shine!"  The course was so exciting, so informative, and so on target as to how to market myself and my books, that within two weeks of signing on, I had three radio interviewsI cannot speak highly enough of Beverly Mahone's courses in self-promotion and marketing." 


Debra Shiveley Welch

Author of A Very Special Child - An Adoption Story - co-author Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams


This experience in learning and working has been a gift.  Soooooo much fun!!  I look forward to keeping the conversations going. What I loved the most about this was your informality. You made it easy for me to learn, and you gave much more value than I could ever have expected from this class. My progress in a month was phenomenal. I went from no radio to three majors in less than two weeks!  My confidence has soared, and I'm ready to talk whenever anyone wants to listen.  YOU ROCK!!!!!


Much love.



Author of When the Crow Sings 

KarenThank you for everything the three of you taught me.  A local radio station here is having a discussion about the racial hair comment that was made about the women's basketball team and wants me to help her open the show with my "My Hair" poem.  (Another ten minutes of fame.)  I accepted an invitation to do one night of a week long workshop for teenage girls about self-esteem and making mistakes that effect their future.  I'm very excited about that.  I'll be keeping you posted."  


Thanks again,

Karen O'Bannon  

Author of A Song for You-Parables & Pearls

If you need professional help getting your name and business out there,  please contact me at:  SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! 
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